Regranulation of plastics

How regranulate production is done

Specially treated crushed material is rid of any dust and other foreign matter, such as metals, stickers, labels and similar already during the milling of the input raw material. Use of regranulate in your plant subsequently enables you to make a substantial saving on the input materials. The quality and processability of all our raw materials is .
The products, which you make from regranulate do not lose any of their quality, usability and service life.

How do you make an enquiry?

As soon as you make an enquiry containing a specific requirement, send us the name of the material and TDS – material data sheet, we shall create a custom product for you according to your requirement.

We are also capable of converting the material you supply to us to granulate for your production purposes. We shall gladly also reprocess your own plastic materials to the required fraction.

We regranulate all types of polyolefins and technical plastics. We also homogenize the material and fill it into octabins or big bags according to your requirements.

Production of plastic regranulates and their further uses

Regranulation is a further level of waste plastics recycling.

  • Plastic regranulates are suitable for further processing by injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion in the plastics industry.
  • By use of regranulates in production, the processor makes a substantial financial saving.
  • This concerns a cost-saving on input raw materials as compared with the primary materialswhereas the specific required characteristics such density, impact resistance, elasticity and plasticity continue to be comparable with those of the originals.
  • The high and long-term quality of this innovative material is confirmed by the economic benefits of its usage.
  • In the production of plastic regranulate, we exclusively use crushed material from post-productionwith permanent certification and stable contracted sources.
  • All the materials are subjected to magnetic separation and filters.
  • We use additives to ensure the stable quality of the regranulate.

You can read more about the use of regranulates here.

We process the following types of crushed plastics on our regranulating lines:

PP, PP T, PP GF, ABS, PC/ABS, PP/EPDM, HDPE, LDPE, PS, HIPS, PC, marginally also PC GF, PA, PA GF.

Advantages of the regranulates we make

Would you like to test a sample? This is also possible, call us!

  • Product range

    We are capable of processing most of the plastics (PP, PS, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, HDPE, HIPS) according to the customer’s specific technical parameters.

  • Stable quality

    We make regranulate according to the requirements of the customer using filters and we guarantee the stable quality of the entire delivery thanks to the application of homogenization silos.

  • Economy

    Use of regranulates brings a substantial cost-saving on inputs for its processors as compared with the primary materials.

  • Flexibility

    Each order is adapted to the specific requirements of the customer.


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